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Releasing The Old & Finding The New With Firewalking

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In November 2017,  I had the opportunity to participate in a Firewalking ceremony.  I was afraid, intimidated and not quite certain why I was there.  In October that year, I created & started The ‘Me Project’ – 30 Days of Getting My Sh*t Together (see our ‘Me Project’ page) to get my life back on track through my self and soul care.  I was seeking opportunities to feed my mind, body & soul when a Firewalk came across my FB feed through a friend.  After much deliberation, at the last minute, I signed up.  And my experience was so profound that it is impossible not to share with others.  The impact was so powerful, empowering and transformative, it is the #1 reason why I now offer a Firewalk opportunity for our Project We Society Members.  Read on for my story & to learn more about Firewalking.      

What Is A Firewalk?

A Firewalk is a sacred ceremony that has been practiced by many people from multiple cultures for thousands of years.  It’s more than just the ego’s experience of walking over hot coals; it’s a spiritually symbolic experience of an individual’s strength & courage while building a deep spiritual relationship with oneself.  

Participants of a fire walking experience take part in a ceremony teaches the lesson that it’s not about the fire, but about your self-assuredness to cross the fire.  It is, most certainly not, for everyone.  

Is There A Process To Walking On Fire?

Our 2017 Firewalk ceremony was designed to help release limiting beliefs about ourselves, as well as, things that may be holding us back from being our true selves.  Does it involve walking on fire/hot coals barefoot?  Yes, absolutely.  People often ask, “Do you just walk up to the fire & start walking on it?”  Certainly not.

It’s a process, of course.  During a ceremony, there can be spiritual cleansing, a collective building of the fire, energy work, meditation & perhaps a meeting with Spirit Animals and/or Guide(s).  We support ourselves & each other as women & souls throughout the day.  

The day is spent in ceremony working on releasing limitations, strengthening your sense of self & building a relationship with the fire & becoming EMPOWERED by your own sense of your TRUE self.

I’m of the belief that we are here for a short time & that we have a mission here to complete…a purpose.  During my journey, I was told, not by other humans but more in an energetic sense, that I am strong and meant to lead. This was NOT a previous mindset that I had. 

The Arrow

The broken arrow in my hand was everything for me. Just prior to breaking it was when I realized WHY I was there.  Based on our required pre-work, I thought that I was going for 1-2 different reasons.  My feelings about struggles with my weight? My physical appearance? Or perhaps because of my past relationships? But at the moment I faced breaking the arrow, in a surprising way, the real reason appeared.  And so did the tears in my eyes, the fire in my soul & the inner strength to break the ties that were binding me.  The arrow & the fire, and even my fear, brought me there and took me home…in more ways then one.  I was there for the relationship with my TRUE SELF.


After the awakening and clarity about why I was there, walking the fire still seemed scary, but more exciting than impossible.  If it felt even half as good to be free walking the fire as it did breaking the arrow, I could do it.   And I did. I walked. Three times. Not for my ego, but for my higher self. For releasing my limiting beliefs & negativities about myself.  For my personal growth & finding who I truly am meant to be.  My new narrative is that I am strong and I am a leader. 

The next day, I woke up early at 5am crying, I don’t know why, maybe the release of the old, but I kept telling myself how SO proud I am of me.  I have to say that this work – the listening, trusting, releasing, vulnerability.  It wasn’t easy, it was work, but I did it.  For my own consciousness, for my own awakening, for my own growth.  I did it for my own self.  I did it for me. 

I Am Fierce!

“I am fierce.” is one of the affirmations that intuitively came to mind just before I broke my arrow. I broke the arrow that I hold in my hand today.  It carries with it the strength of supportive spiritual sisters holding space for me & I for them.

I still remember the day & it literally brings tears to my eyes.  I was there to walk on fire. For transformation & for love of myself and to prove to myself that I was strong & capable and loved. 

I remember being scared & unsure.  But, I did it.  I stepped into my fear and my power.   And I walked.  And lit the fire within me forever.     

Do You Want To Experience Your Own Awakening?

Since having participated in my own Firewalk, I have recognized the importance of such an experience and am proud to help other women to find and curate their own power, transformation and awakening through Firewalking.  Words that our Members have used to describe their own walks are: 

  • Transformational
  • Life changing
  • Healing
  • Breaking down of fears
  • Meaningful

Read more about their experiences on our Reviews Page  to be inspired by their journeys.  If you would like to participate in our next Firewalk for Transformation on Jun 18, 2022 for your own spiritual journey, growth, potential & fire inside of you sign up to be a Project We Society Member here then navigate to our Current Events page to register for your Firewalk.   

How do you imagine you  would feel after participating in a sacred, ceremonial Firewalk?     

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