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Welcome to Project We Society

What is Project We Society?

Project We Society is a female community & single-source well-being directory designed to assist women in finding a multitude of quality, personal growth resources & opportunities within an empowering female community. We support physical, mental & social health designing and organizing in-person female community events that reflect that.  We created experiences that help women to trade living a disconnected virtual life for a growth-oriented, authentic, personally connected one!    

WE believe that every woman is unique as an individual…a ME. By coming together as a society of women that supports and empowers each other – together…we become a WE!  In this space, we use the tools of knowledge, experiences, communication & connection to help to build each other up, not tear each other down.

An ideal member of Project We Society is a woman who has a desire to grow personally while in community of like-minded women seeking to thrive in their own lives while supporting others who wish to do the same!

We value strength, spirituality, open-mindedness, diversity, mental & physical wellness, independence, self-improvement, empowerment, balance, growth, support, fun, healthy eating, and positivity of all kinds.  Our group will expose you to a variety of women’s wellness, social & educational events – feel free to invite friends to join our group and, yes, teach us some things that you know, too! Whether you are a professional woman or a stay-at-home Mom or somewhere in between, we are excited to help you to find what you seek.  Come be a part of our circle…your Project We Society!  

Some of our outgoing Members!

Experiences Our Members Enjoy

  • Natural Wellness, Essential Oils + Holistic Living Workshops
  • Firewalks
  • Salt Cave Wellness
  • Hiking + Woodland walks
  • Sound Healing Events
  • Self-Care Challenges (See our ‘Me Project’ page!)
  • Self Defense
  • Cooking Classes
  • Community Cleanup Days
  • Wellness Retreats …and More!
  • Specialty Events Upon Request

We are always seeking to create new and valuable experiences.  Please contact us if you’d like to become a Project We Society Mentor or simply share an idea! 

Meet Our Founder

Founder & CEO, Leanne Shafner is a source of health and happiness.  Through dedicating time to put in the work to find, know & love herself, she has overcome challenges & adversity in her life and learned the continual work that it takes to be at her best. It is through her own life lessons that Project We Society was born.  Leanne is a “matchmaker” with a unique gift for connecting people who belong together, which is the catalyst for her creating our exclusive Member’s Directory.  She is authentic, sincere, friendly, outgoing, resilient, open-minded, creative, intuitive, supportive, growth-oriented, and an active advocate for mental health & suicide prevention.  Leanne is a heart-centered Holistic Health & Personal Development Coach whose personal interests include inspiring others to thrive through self-care, natural/holistic living, essential oils/aromatherapy, plant medicine, and learning new skills that result in personal growth & she loves to laugh and enjoy life.  You can often hear her infectious laugh from across a room!

Leanne Shafner, Founder & CEO of Project WE Society