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Become A Mentor

Be a Project We Society Mentor!

Are you an enthusiastic female coach, practitioner, or business owner who has a valuable, wellness-promoting skill, ability, or insight to share with our personal-growth-oriented female community?  Then becoming a Project We Society (PWS) Mentor is perfect for you! 

Our Mentors enhance the lives of our Project We Society Members by sharing knowledge, experiences, skills, gifts & talents with our community. Teach or lead in-person classes, workshops, or experiences for our group, as well as, contribute to the community virtually through our Project We Society blog, and private & social media platforms.   

Network, connect & collaborate with other Mentor Members to grow your own business & professional database.  

Project We Society Mentor Membership includes a host of benefits, including:


Experience both income & leadership growth by helping women to learn valuable life skills from your mentorship!


Stepping into your purpose through networking with women whose lives you may positively influence & infinitely impact!


Rise into your own power by hosting an empowering event sharing your valuable skills, gifts, talents or knowledge with our growth-oriented female community! 

Authentic Connection

Create and foster authentic relationships with women both seeking your services, as well as, looking to collaborate!  


Feature on Project We Society private & social media pages.  Highlight your expertise as a Quarterly (4x/yr.) Guest Blogger!        


Free distribution of relevant, valuable & approved marketing materials, business cards and/or healthy samples through our Member group.


Network with other Mentor Members. Attend PWS Member events for 1:1 matchmaking to PWS Members! 


Offer exclusive wellness-based discounts, specials & promotions to our PWS Member community. Share with other Mentors, too!

Personal Connection

Enjoy personal connection with other like-minded, empowered women who have invested in themselves & deserving of self care & wellness… just like you! 

Note:  Though we honor & respect everyone’s personal + finance choices, we will not be accepting MLM partners at this time.           We have a strict NO SOLICITATIONS policy, as well. 

Sign Up Today!


Please Note: All Mentors go through a vetting process to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. Once you submit this form, you will be directed to another page to set up a Zoom meeting with us via Calendly. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Project We Society Mentor!