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The 'Me Project'

What is The 'Me Project'?

The ‘Me Project’ is our exclusive 10-day online self-care challenge created developed & led by our Founder+ CEO, Leanne Shafner. 

Whether you want to find your authentic self again or just want to dedicate time to yourself to find your own level of joy, this 10-day challenge will give you time to focus on yourself.  Leanne will guide you based on her own positive ‘Me Project’ experience but you will be responsible for doing the actual work.  What exactly is “the work”? 

It’s simple. It is the process of doing something for yourself every single day to find your ‘Me’…the person who YOU are, who YOU used to be or are meant to be….in your own heart, mind, body & soul.  It’s about being good to yourself, loving yourself, finding yourself, or just simply finding yourself happy on whatever level that is.  Curious?  Join us to learn more!! 

What is the History of The 'Me Project'?

Leanne’s own, self-imposed ‘Me Project’ stemmed from her need to find herself again.  In October of 2017, she fell into a very low, dark place in her life.  She had left her financially abundant, secure job of 16 years for a new job that didn’t work out…and was left with no income. Without being able to contribute to the finances of her home, she had an immense lack of self-esteem & felt undeserving of living in her own home.  Ultimately, carrying a high level of guilt, she & her boyfriend were forced to sell their long-time family  home.  During the time of her move, she had found employment but, within a new industry in which she had no experience adding additional stress, doubt, and anxiety to her already heavy load.  And, finally, the week of her move, she had to unexpectedly say goodbye to a beloved pet.  With that straw, as they say…that was it, she felt broken, lost & ready to find herself again.

Why Participate in The 'Me Project'?

This challenge isn’t about Leanne & doing what works for her, it’s about you, how you value yourself, your self-worth & love of self.  If you’re feeling a lost sense of self like she did, feeling like you need some emotional or physical self-care or just like to ensure that you stay in a good space where you feel whole & happy, then give these 10 days of challenging yourself to be YOU a go.  Do you strive to feel happy, peaceful & calm?  This challenge will help you to achieve exactly that!

“Thank you for doing The "Me Project'! I'm digging really deep this time and it feels so good! I feel like I'm uncovering deep demons, fears, anxieties, assumptions, etc. This has been really powerful for me!"
Abbey D.
The 'Me Project' Participant

How Do I Start The 'Me Project'?

Getting started is easy.  You simply decide that are WORTHY of being happy and join The ‘Me Project’ challenge today!  

Join our mailing list to be notified by email or check our Current Events Calendar for a new start date and register right away.  Once we receive your registration and completed questionnaire, you will be added to The ‘Me Project’ private Facebook group AND you’ll receive a special care package in the mail to help you along with your journey! 

Get yourself in the mindset of giving yourself some spectacular self-care while in a community of like-minded women with daily guidance and encouragement from Leanne herself.  An additional benefit that many women enjoy about The ‘Me Project’ is that not only will you receive the joy of caring for yourself, but you’ll also enjoy the personal satisfaction of connecting with and helping support other women in your ‘Me Project’ group, too.  Project We Society is about community, after all! 

What’s holding you back?  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Join us … we look forward to seeing you in our community of empowered women and supporting you through your very own ‘Me Project’ Challenge! 

The ‘Me Project’ Success Stories


"I enjoyed the focus on me and the community of positive women. Biggest take away is that I have not taken much action in this area of my life, and now I feel the power (and tools!) to do so!"
Prior 'Me Project' Participant
“I felt so much better when I just took even a few moments out for myself. Thank you for all you have given of yourself to us, it means a lot and is very appreciated!”
Stephanie E.
'Me Project' Participant
“I love you for creating this space where women can find themselves again! My life changed when I became a mom & I just didn't know who I was outside of mom/wife. I've come so far this year and Me project was a HUGE part of that accomplishment.”
Holly Helmer
'Me Project' Participant
"This has really catapulted me into a new realm of understanding that in order to be good for others, I need to feed my soul first. Thank you for this life changing experience! Much love to you Leanne and all you lovely ladies!!!”
Melissa M.
'Me Project' Participant
“The daily posts about where everyone was at was helpful to keep me engaged in the challenge and helped when I was struggling. The vulnerability of everyone, especially our fearless leader, was inspirational and I am blessed to be a part of this group.”
'Me Project' Participant