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Current Events Calendar

Current Events Calendar


Stay Plugged In To Our Community

Women in our social circle!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our Project WE Society Current Events Calendar page!  This is where all of our events and experiences live so make sure that you stay checked in with us here to keep yourself plugged in to our happenings.  

Project WE Society plans and organizes in-person events designed to create opportunities for women to feel inspired & empowered, experience personal growth & well-being, make authentic friendships & personal connections and more.  We host events ranging from casual coffee dates to life changing fire walks and everything in between.  Our desire is to provide you with a wide range of fun, interesting, educational community experiences that will feed your authentic self in mind, body & soul!

Calendar Navigation Tips

You're exactly where you are meant to be!

If you are new to our group, here are some tips that may help you navigate through your Current Events Calendar experience: 

  1. All of our events are color coded by category on our calendar to help you to find what you seek. For example, red events = fitness events, yellow events = free events, purple = spiritual, etc… You can search by date or type of event.  Easy, right?!
  2. Project WE Society is membership based group, therefore, some of our events are for members only. Many of our events are open to Non-Members but, Members receive advantages like opportunities to attend our private events, discount pricing, advanced event booking, access to community driven events and more.  Want to know more?  Visit our Become a Member page for details. 
  3. Many of our events are small group events to encourage personal connection and engagement, therefore, have limited space. If you see an event that interests you, register immediately to ensure your attendance.


Looking for something in particular or want to partner with us?  Awesome!  Simply email us with your thoughts … WE want to hear from you!