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December 2019

Gratitude For Being a Failure (sensitive topic)

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Something happened the other day that’s really been on my mind lately. The son of someone that I went to high school with committed suicide.  A mutual friend told me that he hung himself in his garage.  His name was Alan.  Alan was 14.  Even as I type the words, chills run up and down my body.  Horrible.  I feel just absolutely, completely, utterly HORRIBLE. His father was who I went to school with.  I wasn’t at that school long and I didn’t really know my classmate very well, I… Read More »Gratitude For Being a Failure (sensitive topic)

DiGize for Healthy Digestion

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We love sharing about essential oils & natural solutions that have helped solve problems for us.   Since we know that healthy digestion is a challenge for many & this is a month for eating extra treats and outside of our normal eating habits, this month we’re sharing DiGize & DiGize Vitality from Young Living Essential Oils with you! DiGize is a proprietary  blend containing single oils of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise & Patcouli. It’s use is very specific – Supporting a healthy Digestive function! Many people use… Read More »DiGize for Healthy Digestion

Avoid Overindulgence This Holiday Season!

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We’ve all been there: walking out of a holiday get-together holding our bellies thinking “whyyyyy did I eat so much?!”. Overindulgence once in a while isn’t really a problem, but during the busy holiday season, those extra treats can really add up. So how can you enjoy your holiday parties without overdoing it? Marissa Szabo of Well & Simple Health Coaching & Workplace Wellness in Beverly, MA shares 6 ingenious, easy to follow steps with us on how!   Step 1: Eat normally before and after Very often, I hear people… Read More »Avoid Overindulgence This Holiday Season!