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DiGize for Healthy Digestion

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We love sharing about essential oils & natural solutions that have helped solve problems for us.   Since we know that healthy digestion is a challenge for many & this is a month for eating extra treats and outside of our normal eating habits, this month we’re sharing DiGize & DiGize Vitality from Young Living Essential Oils with you! 

DiGize is a proprietary  blend containing single oils of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise & Patcouli. It’s use is very specific – Supporting a healthy Digestive function! Many people use essential oils for their aromatherapy but, this is one oil that is used for it’s amazing digestive benefits and not it’s aroma.

Many people love & rely on this beneficial oil blend for aiding in properly digesting toxic material, it’s effectiveness at helping a grumbly tummy to turn that frown upside down & if you’re traveling to a foreign country where parasites may live on holiday or vacation this Winter , you definitely want to be sure to pack your DiGize for protection and warding off those little “buggers”.

DiGize can be applied to the Vita Plex points on feet, ankles or other pinpointed areas, topically over the stomach, as a compress on the abdomen or use DiGize Vitality as a dietary supplement added to water or a gel capsule.

Lucky Ladies who have also just discovered a new pregnancy but, might be experiencing a weak stomach can use this, with care/caution, by using 1 drop of DiGize massaged on the outer ear to calm the new belly upset. This oil is not to be used by people with epilepsy.  And, of course, with all oils, be sure to do your research before using.

For more information on why natural living, Young Living Essential Oils or to order YL at wholesale prices, contact Leanne Shafner at or check out our Natural Wellness page on our website. 

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