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Viola sororia

Violets – Weeds or Wellness?

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I had a self-employment side gig one time helping a friend with some gardening.  Simple stuff – put some new plants in and pull some weeds out.  One thing that frustrated her were the number of “weeds” that seemed to be competing with her for property ownership.  Tiny purple flowers on shepherd’s hook-like stems scattered themselves throughout her garden beds and crept their way into her lawn.  They were Violets, and to my friend, they were the enemy and need to be yanked out & disposed of. Looking back, oh… Read More »Violets – Weeds or Wellness?

Tusli-tini Herbal Mocktail

Mocktails, Me Time & Less Stress

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When was the last time you spent a night with friends to blow off steam and exchanged cocktails & complaining for mocktails & me time? Our Project We Society Members did exactly that this month.  And it was a fantastic time! You don’t need wine & whining to have a stress releasing night with friends. There’s more to life, for sure. One of the self-care topics that our PWS Members asked for this year was to have less actual stress and more stress management tools. In response, one unique exclusive… Read More »Mocktails, Me Time & Less Stress