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5 Valentine’s Day Tips for Self Care!

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Ahhh Valentine’s Day …. depending on where you are in life, you could be a fan of this day or not.  

No matter where you are in life,  know that Valentine’s Day is a day dating back to the Roman Empire.  There is a lot of confusion around how this day started but, the truth is, the day doesn’t seem to have a been a very empowering experience for women. Eventually, Hallmark took over the day to commercialize it for sales!  Seeing how popular it has become, they accomplished a great marketing feat, right?! 

Project WE Society also wants to showcase this day but, as a TRULY positive day for women and to help you to love this day as a day of love for SELF!

Whether you are in a relationship or single, what’s most important about showing love on Valentine’s Day is showing YOURSELF love … because your heart is the MOST important one!  WE put together this quick video sharing 5 Tips for Valentine’s Day Self Care.  If you don’t find an idea here that interests you, perhaps it will inspire you to seek out topics that do bring you joy. No matter what your self care is today, try your best to make your day healthy and promoting of your wellness.  And if you enjoy these tips, remember to pass them along so that others can enjoy, too! 

And if you need help with Tip 5 … we can assist you with that!  Simply check out our Current Events Calendar HERE for our upcoming social experiences!  This group is designed to help you to find your best ME through empowerment of WE so, be sure that you create the time in your life to join other women finding their best selves through personal connection.

So, tell us … What what you be doing for yourself this Valentine’s Day to help to make your heart happy?  

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