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Spinach, Pineapple and Strawberry Salad

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For many of us, healthy eating during the recent stress of the world transitioning to full-time working, educating & surviving from home these day, has been nothing less than a challenge…to say the least.  Do you agree?

So, Project WE Society stepped up to support our community and hosted a virtual 7 Day Food Reset called Eat the Rainbow! Members who joined us were there to try out eat healthy by means of a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle or simply to just eat more fruits, veggies & healthy grains. The goal was to take in a plethora of good health supporting vitamins & minerals by eating a balanced 3 Vegan/Vegetarian meals per day while having variety in  produce & grains consumed, thus the name “eat the rainbow.” 

Eliminating meat, processed food and dairy (if eating vegan) offers a much decreased impact on our environment, saves the lives our animal friends (!!), and promotes our good health by reducing the risk of obesity, high blood pressure & heart disease (the #1 cause of death in the US) & promotes healthy weight, less disease in the mind & body, more energy, better sleep and more.  And it can even boost your immune system, which is something that everyone needs … particularly right now.

Each of the members did a fantastic job on their individual journeys!  A few pounds were lost, less meat protein was consumed and the focus & community was very much needed, for sure.  To top off all of the excitement & positivity, WE found an amazing recipe from the people over at Forks Over Knives that WE love and want to share!  The warm grilled pineapple & greens covered with strawberry poppy seed dressing made with REAL strawberries was Ah-Maaaazzzziinnnnngggggg!  Eating grilled pineapple here in the Northeast isn’t an everyday thing so, it was a treat to enjoy this delicious this sweet but, healthy treat for a couple of days.  Yum!

Enjoy the FOK recipe for Spinach, Pineapple & Strawberry Salad … make sure that you are staying healthy by Eating the Rainbow … this salad will help!  

Have a favorite ‘Eat the Rainbow’ recipe that we’d love?  For sure, share it with us … we’d love to try it out! 

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