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A Sunny Sunday Named Bliss…

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Ever feel like you & The Sun secured a date with destiny one day?

The destiny of having the pleasure of doing nothing except having your feet up and basking in the glow of all the beautiful things that burning orb of fire & light provides? 

Today, I surprised myself as I allowed myself to bask in the glow of life during a date with The Sun!

Yesterday, I had the idea of waking up uber early to watch the sun rise.  It would mean that I would have to go to be early on a Summer Saturday night to take the kayak to the other side of the lake, alone, and in the dark.  It made me a little nervous to think about being alone out there.  I mean, what if something happened? People have died on the lake, after all?  Hmm…

But, I did it.  Up at 5:00 a.m., shoes, life jacket, phone tied around my neck, flashlight, uncombed highly knotted hair, kayak in the water & away I went to the sunrise side.  And, wow, I was richly rewarded.   

A quiet morning alone on an still lake filled with water so warm one could bathe in it. The childlike excitement of floating by a muskrat enjoying his breakfast while two hawks gracefully fly overhead searching for their own early meal. 

The vision of a gorgeous sun rising above the tree line while a morning mist gently rolls over water pairing to the sound of the wind singing the songs of early morning birds.   What Sunday morning’s are made for! And in such bliss, who would want their relaxing day to end there?  Not me. 
I let the rest of my day unfold with a slow, relaxed ride home through a country neighborhood full of sweet grass & beautiful gardens. 
A cozy cat nap rolled up in a warm blanket with your favorite furry friend. And finished up the day with feet up enjoying the warm sun on my face surrounded by more of nature’s beauty & the melodies of Van Morrison in my ear. 
To top it all off, I watched a Hummingbird flutter by.  Amazing! 
Not every day is like this, not even close. 
Did I have things to do today? Yep.
Was I supposed to be working today?  Absolutely.
Laundry & dishes?  Of course.
I kind of accidentally let the work & the chores all slip away.  And, strangely, I’m ok with this!
I’m not saying that anyone should shun their responsibilities but, I am saying that,  some days, things can wait & you just need to live a life that you love.  Today, I loved my life.
How was your day today?  Tell me, what did you do for yourself? 
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