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Relaxation is just a spritz away!

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Many people ask me, “What’s your favorite essential oil for sleep & relaxation?”.  Easy…Young Living’s Peace & Calming, of course! 

This blend of the purest essential oils of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and the coveted Blue Tansy has a serious talent for making even the crankiest of babies change their disposition just with a whiff. 

But, for our Project WE Society adult members … it has big benefits, too!  Single oils in this blend help to calm the nervous system, support a healthy lymphatic system, bring peace & happiness to the mind & body and bring spiritual attunement.  And if you add in it’s incredible, almost magical powers created to relax you and offer a great night’s sleep … well, yes, I’ll take all of the Peace & Calming, please! 

This week during our ‘ME Project’ 10-Day Self Care Challenge, one of my self care activities was to purchase new sheets.  There’s just something about buying and sleeping on clean, fresh sheets, don’t you agree?  It’s such a simple luxury that holds big impact for me.   And what’s better than sleeping on new, clean, organic cotton sheets? Sleeping like a baby 👶 on new, clean, organic cotton sheets!   And that’s where my Peace & Calming pillow spray comes in.  A quick spray of the pillow a few minutes before bed and ‘Good Night Irene!’.  Here’s a quick easy recipe for you – I’d love to hear from you if you make this and what you loved the most about it. 


Fill 2 oz. glass spray bottle 3/4 of the way with 50% filtered water & 50% witch hazel. Add 8-10 drops of Peace & Calming.  Top off with Witch Hazel.  Shake, spray pillow case, let dry. Snooze!

For some other ideas on how to use Peace & Calming in your life, reach out to us through the Contact Us or Natural Wellness page and we’ll share some tips and show you how to purchase your P&C at Wholesale prices like we do. 

Who’s ready to be peaceful & calm?

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